Busy New Year.

As time seems to be rushing by, it dawned on me that i’ve not updated my site in a little while. When I get a nice free day i’ve got lots and lots to add. I’ve created some nice work recently, for some nice clients. Jobs to go on the site include :

1_A series of designs for a huge billboard in bahrain, produced with ripe design.
2_A really nice 3d illustration for the National Friendly report and accounts cover, produced for huetaminto.
3_Some website designs for Hasbro with a cool 3d environment produced for Digital Welly.
4_Promotional pack design for NJ printers, produced for Fast Floor Multimedia.
5_A video presentation for ‘Mubu‘ Museum Buddies, produced with Digital Welly
6_A nice little 3d fish animation for a website.
7_Some promotional packs for Bahrain Bay marketing.
8_Promotional packs for Nurai island, an island for the super rich !

So, that’s just from memory, still lots to do and lots happening. I’ve also done a few days teaching at Wakefiled college just recently to find my feet and see if it’s something I want to pursue longer term. So far so good, really enjoying the little bits i’ve done.

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