Canon 550D – HD Video SLR !


After shooting all my pictures on my trusty Canon 400D, I finally decided to upgrade to the all new Canon 550D. The draw of shooting full HD video on an SLR was simply too much ! The £700 price tag was difficult to swallow, but a quick search on ebay showed that the 400D would fetch around £300, so the upgrade was on.

I bought the camera from amazon, which was great as I took out their credit card when I purchased the camera, which gave me £15 discount. There was also a promotion that Canon were running for £50 cash back, so I was looking good to get a great deal. When the camera arrived, it promptly died and refused to switch on. Not good. I went through the very simple amazon returns policy, and a new camera was dispatched straight away. A very good customer experience considering that it was all done on-line.

With my new (working camera) I began to get to grips with all the new features. The most enticing of which is the Full HD video capability of the camera. The quality of video is terrific and the camera will shoot at 720 at 50fps or at 1080 at 25fps. The image quality with the canon lenses is very good and it’s easy to achieve a nice depth of field effect to give your footage a very cinematic feel.

Still shots are a whopping 18 million pixels, enough for anyone really ! The shots do look really nice, although i’ve not pushed things on the stills front yet and need to play around with the Raw settings and such like. The other ting of note is that the kit lens is now an image stabilised version, so shooting in low light should be much easier. Battery life looks good, and overall i’m very happy with the camera in these early days.

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