Crazy busy this Christmas.

The last couple of months have seen me burning quite a lot of midnight oil. I’ve being doing my teaching course, teaching 2 days a week at the college, setting and assessing assignments and trying to fit in a lot of my own work too. To top it all off, my 3 children have all being unwell, and I finally succumbed to the dreaded cold bug that was doing the rounds !

On a positive note, I’ve produced some nice work which I’ll upload to my site as soon as I get some time. I’ve helped produce some nice visuals for a huge exhibition stand for Google Andriod, I’ve designed a series of exhibition stands for Equinox Design in Leeds, and I’m working on some nice work for Hasbro. So all go really, lots of other things on at the moment too so I’ve got one of my top design buddies, Richard Hinchcliffe working with me to help out.

All good, but looking forward to having a break over Christmas.. Hopefully.

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