DJI Quadcopter Ariel filming setup.

One of my hobbies has always being Radio Control – so I recently decide to look into learning to fly an RC Quadcopter.
This has taken quite some time and I am on my 4th model now – a DJI 550. The idea behind this is to film from the sky. The copter is fitted with an advanced brushless (motored) gimbal and a Hero3 Black GoPro camera. Initial tests are incredible.

Initially i’m using the setup for fun – but also acknowledge that the rig is perfect for getting shots that are otherwise impossible. To that end, once i’m fully up and running and have a short demo reel of the kind of footage that’s achievable, i’ll happily offer it as a service to local agencies that need that ‘wow’ shot or photo.

This is not mine – just a piccy from the web, but this is kind of how mine will look when finished.


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