How times have changed !

My old college room and LCIII

Proper blast from the past this. I was having a clear out at home and found my old negatives, so I had a scan though and found this one of my old room mate – Andy Ward doing some work on my trusty mac LCIII.

I thought it would be fun to label up a few of the items in the photo, i’m sure anyone of my era will remember the old macs, and some even older ones like the classics. Mine was a cutting edge LCIII, with a whopping 8 meg of ram! Today 1 or 2 gig is minimal, that’s 1000 meg, or 2000 meg! The hard drive was only 80meg, that’s nothing by today’s standards. A single photoshop file is routinely bigger than the entire capacity of my old mac….

The most crazy part is, the mac cost me around £3000, with a black and white ‘stylewriter’ that was an A4 inkjet printer.

I only recently parted with it, donating it – along with a load of other old IT stuff to a charity group in Castleford. I’m sure it will have being no use to them really – but I couldn’t bear to take it to the skip !

How things have changed :)

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  1. The LCII was a classic, I’m sure in the not too distant future that it will be in a museum (probably already is). I have actually seen them used as ornaments quite a bit…

    I’d really like to see a few shots of you Andy circa 1989… Please blog some, that will make my day..


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