iPad at last !!!


I’m posting this from my shiny new iPad, which is testament to just how great a product the iPad really is.

I have always said that the best piece of technology I have bought in recent years is my trusty iPod touch (I couldn’t justify the expense of the iPhone). My only gripe with it, was it’s size. I wanted a bigger iPod touch from day one.

Well now apple have finally delivered, and was it worth the wait ? Well you can only judge for yourself after actually using an iPad for a few hours. I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ period where I’m finding new and exciting things and apps each day. So far I’d unreservedly say it’s a winner.

All the apps are redesigned for the bigger screen, and are so much better for it. The screen is beautiful and the web user experience is sublime. I’m sure that the iPad will just keep getting better as the apps grow for this remarkable device, it really does plug the gap between laptop and smart phone nicely. Who needs a nasty net book, when the iPad does everything you need and want so beautifully.

I now have word press running on the iPad as well as air video which allows me to wirelessly stream all my tv and movies to the pad. Like I said each day it just gets better….

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  1. Colin says:

    Only read this now. Ipad nice. I hate you… In fact I’m jealous…. No I definitely hate you. WANT ONE!!!! You jammy git. ;-)

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