I have started having a play with the very impressive posterous blogging platform. The really nice thing is that the whole system is e-mail based. Yes you can log-in and have lots of control, but at it’s base level you e-mail posts / pictures and video to posterous and the it’s formatted and published automatically – nice.

I thought it would be fun to keep a little blog / diary for my family. Now that I finally bought myself an iphone, I can take pictures and video and post them up to posterous straight from my phone via the nifty posterous iphone app :)

posterous iphone image

So far it’s fun, but trying to remember to keep it up to date is tricky. I’m not a ‘blogger’ so i’m having to try to keep it fresh. The idea is that it will be a nice thing to look back on in a few years when the kids are older – a kind of diary of events with pictures and video’s. Let’s hope posterous is still around in a few years time.

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