New Company – Outrageous Eye

Myself and my business partner, Mike Kitchen started up a really exciting company in June 2014.

Please head over to the site – Outrageous Eye and take a look at what we can offer.

Outrageous Eye is an aerial filming, photography and production company using the very latest cutting edge UAV technology to capture breathtaking images and video from the skies. Formed by Mike Kitchen and Andrew Shillito who share a passion for aerial photography and radio controlled systems. Andy’s background in commercial design delivering stunning design for clients as diverse as Google and Adidas led the duo to form a company that could deliver outrageous images and video for clients and deliver amazing aerial content across all media channels.

We also offer a comprehensive Aerial Survey service using our UAV systems. Our UAV’s allows us to reach traditionally difficult locations. In addition we can perform surveys safely and autonomously and relay footage and pictures live to our ground-stations as well as recording and photographing as we fly. The opportunities to use UAV systems in surveying are extensive, if you have any questions with regard to your requirements, please get in touch. Outrageous eye operate with CAA approval and our pilots are BNUC-S qualified.

DJI Quadcopter Ariel filming setup.

One of my hobbies has always being Radio Control – so I recently decide to look into learning to fly an RC Quadcopter.
This has taken quite some time and I am on my 4th model now – a DJI 550. The idea behind this is to film from the sky. The copter is fitted with an advanced brushless (motored) gimbal and a Hero3 Black GoPro camera. Initial tests are incredible.

Initially i’m using the setup for fun – but also acknowledge that the rig is perfect for getting shots that are otherwise impossible. To that end, once i’m fully up and running and have a short demo reel of the kind of footage that’s achievable, i’ll happily offer it as a service to local agencies that need that ‘wow’ shot or photo.

This is not mine – just a piccy from the web, but this is kind of how mine will look when finished.


How times have changed !

My old college room and LCIII

Proper blast from the past this. I was having a clear out at home and found my old negatives, so I had a scan though and found this one of my old room mate – Andy Ward doing some work on my trusty mac LCIII.

I thought it would be fun to label up a few of the items in the photo, i’m sure anyone of my era will remember the old macs, and some even older ones like the classics. Mine was a cutting edge LCIII, with a whopping 8 meg of ram! Today 1 or 2 gig is minimal, that’s 1000 meg, or 2000 meg! The hard drive was only 80meg, that’s nothing by today’s standards. A single photoshop file is routinely bigger than the entire capacity of my old mac….

The most crazy part is, the mac cost me around £3000, with a black and white ‘stylewriter’ that was an A4 inkjet printer.

I only recently parted with it, donating it – along with a load of other old IT stuff to a charity group in Castleford. I’m sure it will have being no use to them really – but I couldn’t bear to take it to the skip !

How things have changed :)

I have started having a play with the very impressive posterous blogging platform. The really nice thing is that the whole system is e-mail based. Yes you can log-in and have lots of control, but at it’s base level you e-mail posts / pictures and video to posterous and the it’s formatted and published automatically – nice.

I thought it would be fun to keep a little blog / diary for my family. Now that I finally bought myself an iphone, I can take pictures and video and post them up to posterous straight from my phone via the nifty posterous iphone app :)

posterous iphone image

So far it’s fun, but trying to remember to keep it up to date is tricky. I’m not a ‘blogger’ so i’m having to try to keep it fresh. The idea is that it will be a nice thing to look back on in a few years when the kids are older – a kind of diary of events with pictures and video’s. Let’s hope posterous is still around in a few years time.

Crazy busy this Christmas.

The last couple of months have seen me burning quite a lot of midnight oil. I’ve being doing my teaching course, teaching 2 days a week at the college, setting and assessing assignments and trying to fit in a lot of my own work too. To top it all off, my 3 children have all being unwell, and I finally succumbed to the dreaded cold bug that was doing the rounds !

On a positive note, I’ve produced some nice work which I’ll upload to my site as soon as I get some time. I’ve helped produce some nice visuals for a huge exhibition stand for Google Andriod, I’ve designed a series of exhibition stands for Equinox Design in Leeds, and I’m working on some nice work for Hasbro. So all go really, lots of other things on at the moment too so I’ve got one of my top design buddies, Richard Hinchcliffe working with me to help out.

All good, but looking forward to having a break over Christmas.. Hopefully.

Skype is great !

I was forced into installing Skype on the Mac the other day as I needed to be in 2 separate meetings and the snow made that impossible. Must say I’m very, very impressed with it. We used the video conference, and 3 way audio conference call, which worked incredibly well. Best part is it’s free ! I’ve just installed the latest 5.0 Beta version for Mac which supports multi person video conference calls, so looking forward to seeing how that works too.

All in all, I can’t understand why I didn’t think to use it before. I’m using it alongside Dropbox to work collaboratively and it’s all working a treat. I think I may never have to go out of the house again !

Wakefield Foundation Degree Web Design

Interested in perusing a career in Web Design ? If you are looking to further your learning then look into the totally excellent Foundation Degree in Web Design at Wakefield College.

fda web design

Here’s a little info from the site.

How do we approach web design?
We’ve created a course that specifically addresses the need to ‘design’ — as well as build — websites. The web design industry values graduates who can use the software — and be creative with it too. The course combines creative modules in Design Methodology, Image Manipulation and Typography with technical modules in XHTML, CSS and other relevant mark-up/scripting languages. Work related learning also features extensively.

The creative and technical skills you learn are also repurposed for a print design module, further increasing your employability.

We work closely with professionals to ensure there’s a high degree of industrial relevance to the course, so that you’re ready to make an immediate impact in the web design/graphic design industries.

Who’s the course suitable for?
We recruit students from many different backgrounds: those who are studying — or have studied — on creative courses [for example Graphics or Art and Design]; or those from more technically oriented courses such as ICT or Computing. We welcome industry professionals wishing to gain a formal qualification, or adults wanting to re-skill so they can take up a new career.

Canon 550D – HD Video SLR !


After shooting all my pictures on my trusty Canon 400D, I finally decided to upgrade to the all new Canon 550D. The draw of shooting full HD video on an SLR was simply too much ! The £700 price tag was difficult to swallow, but a quick search on ebay showed that the 400D would fetch around £300, so the upgrade was on.

I bought the camera from amazon, which was great as I took out their credit card when I purchased the camera, which gave me £15 discount. There was also a promotion that Canon were running for £50 cash back, so I was looking good to get a great deal. When the camera arrived, it promptly died and refused to switch on. Not good. I went through the very simple amazon returns policy, and a new camera was dispatched straight away. A very good customer experience considering that it was all done on-line.

With my new (working camera) I began to get to grips with all the new features. The most enticing of which is the Full HD video capability of the camera. The quality of video is terrific and the camera will shoot at 720 at 50fps or at 1080 at 25fps. The image quality with the canon lenses is very good and it’s easy to achieve a nice depth of field effect to give your footage a very cinematic feel.

Still shots are a whopping 18 million pixels, enough for anyone really ! The shots do look really nice, although i’ve not pushed things on the stills front yet and need to play around with the Raw settings and such like. The other ting of note is that the kit lens is now an image stabilised version, so shooting in low light should be much easier. Battery life looks good, and overall i’m very happy with the camera in these early days.

iPad at last !!!


I’m posting this from my shiny new iPad, which is testament to just how great a product the iPad really is.

I have always said that the best piece of technology I have bought in recent years is my trusty iPod touch (I couldn’t justify the expense of the iPhone). My only gripe with it, was it’s size. I wanted a bigger iPod touch from day one.

Well now apple have finally delivered, and was it worth the wait ? Well you can only judge for yourself after actually using an iPad for a few hours. I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ period where I’m finding new and exciting things and apps each day. So far I’d unreservedly say it’s a winner.

All the apps are redesigned for the bigger screen, and are so much better for it. The screen is beautiful and the web user experience is sublime. I’m sure that the iPad will just keep getting better as the apps grow for this remarkable device, it really does plug the gap between laptop and smart phone nicely. Who needs a nasty net book, when the iPad does everything you need and want so beautifully.

I now have word press running on the iPad as well as air video which allows me to wirelessly stream all my tv and movies to the pad. Like I said each day it just gets better….

Busy New Year.

As time seems to be rushing by, it dawned on me that i’ve not updated my site in a little while. When I get a nice free day i’ve got lots and lots to add. I’ve created some nice work recently, for some nice clients. Jobs to go on the site include :

1_A series of designs for a huge billboard in bahrain, produced with ripe design.
2_A really nice 3d illustration for the National Friendly report and accounts cover, produced for huetaminto.
3_Some website designs for Hasbro with a cool 3d environment produced for Digital Welly.
4_Promotional pack design for NJ printers, produced for Fast Floor Multimedia.
5_A video presentation for ‘Mubu‘ Museum Buddies, produced with Digital Welly
6_A nice little 3d fish animation for a website.
7_Some promotional packs for Bahrain Bay marketing.
8_Promotional packs for Nurai island, an island for the super rich !

So, that’s just from memory, still lots to do and lots happening. I’ve also done a few days teaching at Wakefiled college just recently to find my feet and see if it’s something I want to pursue longer term. So far so good, really enjoying the little bits i’ve done.

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