New Year, new clients, more please!

As I have not had much time over the festive period and into the new year to really keep on top of things, site wise. I thought i’d share some good news. I’ve had quite a few ‘out of the blue’ enquiries and leads for new work, which is always welcome. I’ve produced some more work for ‘England’, started a few projects for some really nice people at ‘fast-floor’ and also being involved in helping pull together some presentation visuals for Marks & Spencers. Saying that, I could be busier so i’ve started using ‘Twitter’ and also tried to keep a bit more up to date with ‘Linked-In’. It’s a time consuming thing all this ‘social networking’ lark, I knew there was a good reason i’d avoided it all for so long !

I’m still a very infrequent user of facebook, although I do understand the fascination of looking up old friends and school mates etc. I still frimly believe it’s one for people with too much time on their hands.

Diginate stickers !

I recently found out about this site from designer pal Robin Laird. Diginate, have a really nice website with everything you need to know to produce your own custom stickers. You don’t really need to be a graphic designer in order to use the service, but you do need to know a little about setting up simple artwork and cutting paths to get the most out of the service.

I used illustrator to supply the required layered PDF, and designed myself a nice A4 sheet of custom cut, clear vinyl stickers, with white printed areas too, nice.

If you are in need of short run, custom stickers, it’s well worth paying Diginate a visit to see what they have to offer. My custom stickers are currently in the post, so fingers crossed they should be with me anytime soon… exciting indeed !

Apple event in Oslo.

I’ve just returned from helping out Alex Murray at ripe give a talk about digital design at an apple conference in Oslo. It was an interesting event, mainly targeted towards the press and media, but there was also a talk from AKQU, which was interesting and a talk from Microsoft about the future of ‘search’ on the web.

I must say, I did find the search talk to be very interesting. Search is touted to be the next bug thing as far as user interaction is concerned as a search has very targeted outcomes for the user, and is the most direct form of understanding the users needs. The concept of pages being built on the fly (using shadow pages to rank in google) is becoming more widespread, especially in the media and newspaper sectors. The whole idea of having the option to be directed to a targeted page, based on you as a user and specifically tour search data is very exciting. AKQU were also showing some interesting work at the conference, the work they did for Fiat ‘eco-drive’ and work they did recently with nike. It must nice to work with big budget clients !

Blurb Books

Blurb Book logo

I have finally managed to put together my first book using Blurb Books, and I have to say i’m very impressed. The software to put your book together is really nice and when the actual book arrived I was very happy with it.

If you are thinking of creating a book, do check them out, it’s well worth a look.

Final Cut Pro !

Last week I attended a 3 day apple Final Cut advanced video editing course. It was excellent as, but a bit daunting as I hadn’t done the initial course, so it was all a bit ‘jump straight in’ as the course was really for professional video editors. As I already use Final Cut I wasn’t totally as sea and quickly found my feet after day one when the course moved into compositing and effects.

I decided that i’d sit the exam at then end of day 3, and I passed ! So i’m now an apple certified Final Cut editor, so if Yorkshire Telly was still going strong, I could possibly have a small change in career !

Yas Hotel

Just finished working on branding the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This is the hotel that is located on Yas Island and is the last race in the 2009 Formula 1 calendar. The whole branding campaign has being a huge success and is being rolled out to the public now.

3d visualisation of TV Studio

Another piece of work produced at ripe for Media City in Manchester. After winning a recent pitch to work on the Media City account, ripe are now producing a number of pieces of design work for the scheme. This image was produced for use in a brochure and shows a number of schemes produced by the Peel group. I thought it would be nice to show how this image developed and i’ve uploaded a few additional image to show how it ended up looking as it does here in the final 3d render.
Media City 3d render of a TV Studio

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3d world magazine, get it !

Hug 3d character

If you are in any way interested in 3d design, be it for something as simple as a 3d logo, right through to working on the next Pixar 3d rendered blockbuster, you simply must read 3D World.

This is a great learning resource for anyone interested in 3d design. I’ve being reading it since I believe it was originally released and it’s obviously got a really good team working on it as it’s always very relevant to todays market and available technology. For example this months magazine has a decent article on lighting an external CGI of a building using Vray and it’s relativley new sun & sky system along with the newish physical camera. This is all really ‘current’ stuff and is a big help to anyone trying to learn all this crazy stuff on their own !

There’s also a good article about modeling a character’s face using Mudbox and Max with Mentlal Ray, which is again a very tricky workflow if your trying this kind of thing for the first time.

All in all i’d recommend this magazine above all others if 3d work, animation and visualisation is something you aspire to. Get it bought !

ipod touch-brilliant !

After drooling over the i-phone when it was launched, who didn’t ?, I was one of the many people who simply couldn’t justify the cost, I like contracts at a fraction of the i-phone tarifs.

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Too much work !

Well, after finally updating my website and doing a touch of SEO (search engine optimization) i’ve had the phone (or mouse) ringing off the hook.

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