Wakefield College FDA Games Room

Wakefield FDA Games Design room concepts

This was a quick 3D mock up of a design for the proposed HE room for the Foundation Degree in Games Design at Wakefield college. I produced these images based on a ‘sketch’ (and i use the word very loosely!) produced by Mike Jaques who was coordinating the course design. The genial idea was to create an industry like environment for the students where they could have breakout spaces to have meetings and work in teams as well as make the odd coffee for those late night sessions. The visuals for the room were very well received by Teeside University, who are validation the course, but as ever with education, things changed, cut backs were made and the room design was paired down to the absolute basics. Shame.

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Outrageous Eye Website

I have designed and built the new website for my new venture – Outrageous Eye. As well as designing the logo, branding and associated printed material, I also shot all the imagery for the site as well as building it in WordPress.

Please head over to the site to see what we can achieve with our Aerial Photography and Aerial film UAV systems.

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Outrageous Eye

Outrageous Eye is an aerial filming, photography and production company using the very latest cutting edge UAV technology to capture breathtaking images and video from the skies. Formed by Mike Kitchen and myself, Andrew Shillito who share a passion for aerial photography and radio controlled systems. Please head over to the site and see what we are doing using our Aerial systems to capture amazing footage and images from the skies.

Outrageous Eye logo

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A short motion graphics explainer video based on a storyboard created by the guys at mcgrathotoole.com for Swivel Secure Authentication mcgrathotoole.com

Welcom Reception / Kitchen

Welcom reception and kitchen area

I recently helped redesign the kitchen / reception / break out area for Welcom Software in Harrogate. I visited the offices and took measurements and photos of the existing space, then designed the following space – to scale using standard kitchen unit dimensions to allow the installers to recreate the visuals accurately.

The space is now finished and fully installed.

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Huawei Exhibition Stand

A few images from a set of visuals designed for an exhibition stand for Huawei.

Huawei 3D Exhibition Stand Visual

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Big Society’s Big Mouth

A little stats / explainer video produced for Dubit, for their client bigsocietysbigmouth.org

Hasbro ‘Boom Box’ Spaceship

A fun 3D visualisation, created for Digital Welly. Their client – Hasbro wanted a fun installation designing and building to show their new ‘Boom-Box’ system to their in house staff. Hasbro have a huge walkway that has numerous large installations to showcase many of their products, and this one needed to be something special.

Boom Box unit 3D visual

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CSC 3D globe

This was a great project, created for Our Agency. One of their senior designer contacted me with a proposed project to create a populated 3D globe based on some initial design work they had created. The actual creation of the cut away globe proved to be quite a challenge, before even getting round to placing all the buildings on it. I produced some ‘proof of concept’ work to show Owen at Our Agency how the globe would look and then we began looking at the right kind of buildings to populate the globe. Each building represented an area of the client’s business.

This project arrived at a very busy time, right ahead of Christmas, thankfully my favourite 3D buddy Richard Hinchcliffe offered to jump in and help with the 3D building creation, so we worked on populating the globe together. The final 3D image was created super high res, so the client could use areas of it in different ways and crop into it.

BCSC globe logo

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B&Q Sustain – It Games

This was part of a large project to create all game graphics for 2 games for B&Q. The games are educational and help children learn about saving energy. I enlisted help from my pal Richard Hinchcliffe to work with me to deliver this large project, as there was lots to do and a tight deadline.

We worked together using Skype and Dropbox, to allow us to work collaboratively on all elements of the project. The work was produced for Leeds agency – Digital Welly.

Here’s a link to play both games.

B&Q game graphics

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