Urban Market Visual

Part of a much larger body of work for ripe this is an early visual to show how the old ILVA building in Manchester could be converted into ‘The Urban Market’ shopping centre. All I had to work with were a few photos of the space as it currently exists, so I simply guessed the sizes of the spaces based on common sense and comparing the odd dimension we did have from a site visit.
Urban market 3d interior visual

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3d visualisation of TV Studio

Another piece of work produced at ripe for Media City in Manchester. After winning a recent pitch to work on the Media City account, ripe are now producing a number of pieces of design work for the scheme. This image was produced for use in a brochure and shows a number of schemes produced by the Peel group. I thought it would be nice to show how this image developed and i’ve uploaded a few additional image to show how it ended up looking as it does here in the final 3d render.
Media City 3d render of a TV Studio

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Love Your Art Gallery & Shop

This is a the design for a new shop in York called Love Your Art. They wanted help with the design of the interior and exterior of their new gallery. Everything was visualised in detail, right down to the artists actual work on the walls so that the client could see exactly how the space would work.

Love Your Art

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Fun 3d character

This is a fun project that i’m working on for a friend, designer Mark McGrath. He designed the 2d ‘Hug’ logo and character and asked if I could do a 3d version for him. This image is my 1st render and is a work in progress. I used poly modeling to create the 3d character and then skinned and boned the character manually so I could put them into various poses. I realized that I wanted to have more control over the animation rig in the character and decided to re-rig him using Brad Noble’s excellent skeleton rig. I’m also reworking the hands, arms, feet and hair and hopefully I should have an animated version of the character finished soon.

Hug 3d character

Standard Life Exhibition Stand

A nice fun job for Standard Life to design an exhibition stand to be used at the Motor Show to promote their ‘free-style’ mortgages.

Standard Life exhibition stand design

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ISIS Granary Wharf ‘HUB’ marketing suite

Design and full 3d visual of a new customer focused ‘Hub’ for ISIS at Granary Wharf in leeds.
This was created for ISIS waterside regeneration, for their new customer information centre located in one of the Dark Arches, at the Granary Wharf site in leeds.

ISIS Hub marketing suite

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Honda ‘Power of Dreams’ 3d interiors

Honda intro

This is work produced at ripe for Honda. The brief was quite open to say the least. basically, ‘bring the power of dreams into the dealerships.’ My answer to this centered around bringing many of the related Honda activities into the dealership, things like motorsport and Asimo, the Honda robot. This would be achieved through the use if interactive technology and through the use of a modular display ‘dream-zone’ to showcase Honda technologies and products.

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Crosby Birmingham marketing suite

This is the marketing suite for Crosby Homes in Birmingham. The space was getting a bit tierd and Crosby wanted it re-designing from scratch. The brief was to enable the space to market 3 separate schemes at the same time, as well as to have dedicated information areas and private sales areas.
I designed the interior space, the interactive pods for online information and I created all the AV presentations that ran on the various screens in the marketing suite. So all in all quite a large job.

I’ve included some images of the initial designs that were presented to the client, along with some photos of the finished space, so you can see how the final build is true to the original designs.

Crosby Birmingham marketing suite photography.

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Bensons Icepops.

Here’s some early 3d packaging design & visuals for Bensons Ice pops. The designs have matured a blittle now and are sitting pretty in selected shops as I write this ! As with quite a bit of the work on my site, the ice pop packaging images are not photo’s, they are my trusty friend 3d, modeled in 3d Studio Max and rendered in Vray. I was particularly pleased with the ‘ice’ texture I created for the actual ice pop, it looked almost good enough to eat !

bensons packaging

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Manor Village marketing suite

This is a bank of pitch work created for a scheme by St James homes called Manor Village. They were looking for a complete marketing solution with a design that would appeal to young first time buyers. The structure of the marketing suite is a Swedish modular tent like structure that is semi-permanent and can be adapted in size by adding or removing modules. This design used 4 sections and was something that we used at ripe with great success for Greenquarter in Manchester.

Manor Village

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