A short motion graphics explainer video based on a storyboard created by the guys at mcgrathotoole.com for Swivel Secure Authentication mcgrathotoole.com

Big Society’s Big Mouth

A little stats / explainer video produced for Dubit, for their client bigsocietysbigmouth.org

Hasbro Concept work

This is a small snippet of a larger project I worked on for Digital Welly. This really is quite early conceptual work to show how a website for Hasbro could begin to take shape using some nice animated sequences to move around a childs room. Can’t really say much more at this stage as it’s a project that’s ‘under development’ !

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Ice Lolly ads

I’ve produced a few commercial animations now for icelolly.com, here’s a recent Spanish one (no sound as it was added after I handed over the animations !).

ce lolly 3d render

Mubu animated video

This is an animated video, for Mubu, a museum funding project. The Mubu design was created by the very talented bunch over at Digital Welly, they provided me with an illustrator storyboard and the voice over for the piece, and I animated everything to the audio, added a few touches and pulled the whole piece together.

The video was a huge success, and did it’s job of ensuring that the Mubu project signed up it’s quota of funding projects in record time.

Location Leeds Logo Animation.

A little logo animation I produced for use on the stand I designed for Location Leeds at Mipim.
Rather than just show the sponsor logos one after another, I create this little 3d animation using the Location Leeds colours and branding to add a little interest.

Jimmy Connors World of Tennis.

This was a relatively quick video that I produced for ripe to help promote the forthcoming Jimmy Connors World of Tennis. I was responsible for story-boarding the piece, writing the voice over and creating all animated content, as well as actually putting the video together in Final Cut. All of this was done to tie in with the very minimal content we had to use. The general idea of the video was to aid in early promotions, this would then lead into a more involved and professional video with actual footage of Jimmy etc. I’m told Jimmy was very happy with this 1st draft video and it’s being used to help promote the scheme at various events.

Click the image to play the video.

Nokia Vault web animation

A small animation produced for Ashley Bolser Agency to be used on a Nokia website and competition they have produced.
I needed to break down the different elements of the actual animation as it needed to be delivered in flash and the different parts of the vault opening animation were to be activated at different points in the user entering their competition information.
This meant that something that on the face of it, looks quite simple ended up being quite a puzzle of png files with alpha transparency and 4 different flv files also encoded with alpha transparency. I supplied all the files, along with a flash file of the finished assembled animation to the client to give them maximum flexibility in how the animation could be used.
The piece was created in 3d Studio Max and After Effects.

Animated Xmas card

A 3d animated christmas card produced for aba, for their client the Callcredit Information Group.
The spinning present boxes were modeled in 3d Studio Max and textured and lit with Vray using a HDRI image to get the nice reflections in the silver bows and ribbon. A single render of a red box and silver box were saved out with alpha channels to enable compositing in After Effects. In After Effects I imported a photoshop composition enabling each layer to be animated, I then brought in my targa sequences of the spinning presents. The presents were animated as separate compositions and all the special effects added as each spins and bursts to reveal the letter beneath. The snow is simply a ‘snow’ filter, but hey, it is Christmas !

First Street Manchester

This is a video piece created for a pitch to work with Ask and Manchester City Council to develop a large area in Manchester called 1st Street. The video was initially put together to showcase the work produced for the pitch and was one of the pieces the client really liked. Needless to say with the pitch won, the client wanted to re-use the video with a few changes to use as a tool to present the brand and the area.

The video was put together quickly so is a little rough around the edges, it works well though as a scene setter for the identity and tone of the scheme. The 3d buildings were quickly drawn up from a supplied siteplan and then animated using the audio track to drive the height of each building. This gave the 3d animation a nice feel as though the scheme was reacting to the beat of the music. A 3d camera was then set up and animated around the siteplan in 3D Studio Max. The whole animated sequence was rendered out for the duration of the audio track, so that the building track could be used as a base track in Final Cut, t overlay all other content. This way whenever I cut back to the building track, it would be in sync with the music.
All the other assets were created using After Effects and rendered out as separate pieces of DV video. All the clips were then assembled in Final Cut to create the final piece.

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