Mazagan website video

This is an intro / scene setting video produced for the Mazagan wesbite. Mazagan is a luxury resort by the one and only group
I put this video together from a shoot of the surrounding area and from still assets supplied by the client. The logo reveal at the end is a blend of 3d and various effects using adobe after effects.

XS Marine Presentation

Animation and 3d design work for a website for XS marine, a company who produce high performance speedboats. I was sent a few photos of their new boat and had to create a quick 3d model from the limited reference to show how animation and 3d could enhance their web presence. Additionally a 3d version of the boat could accurately show how sponsors graphics would look as well as showing how much room a given sponsor would get on the boat for a certain level of sponsorship.

XS Marine

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Trivial Pursuit 3d characters

This is a piece of work for leeds design agency ‘the spirit of’. The client is Hasbro games and the brief was to create / model and animate characters for use in a DVD version of the Trivial Pursuit game. Hence the characters are based on the cheese shaped wedges. The work covered a number of avenues of design for the characters, some with faces, some without, as the work was conceptual to see if Hasbro wanted to persue the ideas. The feedback from this initial set of work was very positive and the work is now going to be carried on by Hasbro’s in house animation
trivial pursuit music character

The image above shows the music man character and some of the morph targets created to allow the character to smile and blink. He does have arms, they are just invisible, it was easier to animate his hands and fingers when they were on the end of real arms !

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Sanex Healthy Skin Spa website designs

These are a few images from the 3d spa work I designed and built for a flash website for Sanex for their recent Halthy Skin Workout Tour check out the site here.

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Apple Video

At last !
I’m in a video that apple created,read the full story here. how bizarre ! Basically apple were on the look out for interesting agencies that were into convergence of technologies for a global series of seminars, and also to put on their ‘Pro’ section of their website. They approached ripe and well, watch the video to see the rest.

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