NJ Screenprints Pack

This was part of a larger body of work produced with Fastfloor multimedia for their client NJ Packaging. Fastfloor had recently rebranded NJ Screen printers and the logo was the primary visual reference I had to design and visualise a presentation pack to include brochures / samples and an interactive DVD (another project I worked on for Fastfloor). I designed the pack based around the shape of one of the elements from the logo, in addition I quickly designed a number of layouts for the pack content.

NJ Presentation Pack

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Google Android Exhibition Stand

This was a really nice – but very tight deadline piece of work produced for the nice people over at BrandFuel. The brief was to design and visualise a large exhibition stand based around an ‘egg’ concept. The initial ideas were very embryonic (forgive the pun) and I had artistic licence to design the pods as well as really bring the space to life. As the turnaround was very tight on this work, some areas were rushed and don’t have the level of detail i’d like to show, but the pods turned out well and the whole work was very well received by both Brand Fuel and the client – google.

Google Android Stand Design

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Garmin universal product stand

Another project for Gamin. This time designing a universal product stand that could be used at any number of events and exhibitions. The unit had to be adaptable, scaleable and work for a large range of different sized products. I designed a unit that used interchangeable tops and devised a neat power line system in the centre of the unit to allow all the products to hook up easily. In addition graphics and brochures were catered for as well as AV using LCD screens running product presentations from flash cards.

Garmin Units

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Piz Buin Display’s

I little while ago I designed a large series of modular display stands for Piz Buin’s new range of ski suncreams – yes you read that right, sun cream for skier’s ! Apparently it’s very different from normal suncream. I started by creating 3d models of the products so that I could populate my stand designs, I then looked at designing a number of modular tray units that could easily be used with the stands. In addition I designed all the supporting graphics and unit structures.

Piz Buin Detail

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Hasbro Concept work

This is a small snippet of a larger project I worked on for Digital Welly. This really is quite early conceptual work to show how a website for Hasbro could begin to take shape using some nice animated sequences to move around a childs room. Can’t really say much more at this stage as it’s a project that’s ‘under development’ !

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The Yas Hotel – menus

The all new Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, which staged the final Grand Prix of the 2009 season had being branded by ripe ! The whole team have worked on everything from the initial logo, shown here, to restaurant menus, branded Porsche cars, and all the hotel marketing collateral. The initial pitch for the work was a significant challenge as some of the UK’s biggest branding agencies were pitching for the work, so it was quite an event when ripe heard the news that we’d beaten off some of the big boys.

Here’s the menu designs I produced for the various restaurants in the hotel. The idea was to create something with a high end feel, that was obviously part of a suite of menus, and had the flexibility to easily update the inner content as and when the menus changed.

The Yas Hotel menus

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Bahrain Bay sales pack

Bahrian Bay updated sales pack design. The logo of Bahrain Bay is well known and respected in Bahrain. What isn’t widely known though is that the shapes and form of the B’s merging together is representative of the land meeting the sea. A very important part of the Bahrain culture. I wanted to use the curved shapes from within the logo to echo this sentiment, and to also bring a fluid, flowing water, feel to the brand. I used these shapes to form both a visual divide on printed material, and with the sales pack, I used the curves to form the actual divide where the pack opened.

Bahrain Bay marketing packs - closed

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Nurai Ultra high end homes

Nurai is a super exclusive island complex with stunning homes built into the structure of the land. Nurai wanted a compete overhaul of their existing marketing material and messaging. The only things to stay were the Nurai logo and the Zaya logo. Everything else is all new.
The multi million pound homes are actually sculpted into the island. I used the flowing undulating line graphic as a key, subtle link to the forms of the homes throughout the design. As well as designing a marketing pack, a sales pack, all related print based materials, I also worked up designs for the brochure, an interactive presentation (supplied on the bespoke pebble USB stick), and even suggested a Nurai fragrance, exclusive to residents of the island.

Nurai various graphic design elements

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Ice Lolly ads

I’ve produced a few commercial animations now for icelolly.com, here’s a recent Spanish one (no sound as it was added after I handed over the animations !).

ce lolly 3d render

Predator X11 website

A relatively small site built for UK manufacturer Team Xtreme and their Predator X11 radio controlled buggy.

Predator X11 off rad buggy website

The site for the Predator X11 was created using wordpress to enable the client to content manage the site. The Team Xtreme guys can add new news stories and race reports easily to the site without getting involved in any coding. The styling is applied automatically to the new pages and everything is kept nicely organised and up to date. In addition team drivers can add to their own ‘blog’ and post specific info and setups for their Predator X11 cars.

A few of the ‘action’ pictures were kindly supplied by oOple and the legendary Jummy Storey. The other pictures of the car, taken for the spec pages were photographed using a light dome tent and photographic lights in my garage !

Hopefully the site will help promote Team Xtreme and their Predator X11 car both in the Uk and abroad.

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