National Friendly Illustration

A 3d illustration for the cover of the National Friendly report and account.
This image was created for the smashing chaps at huetaminto. They had designed some excellent work for National Friendly and wanted to take that work into 3d to grace the cover of the report and accounts. The guys supplied me with some great visuals of how they wanted the piece to look, as well as the textures and required graphics and I built the whole thing in 3d.
It was a great process, as the image came to life and we continually improved it and polished it to the version you see here. The final image was supplied at very high resolution to ensure we captured all the detail in the image.
Advertisment for the Halifax Bank of Scotland

Mubu animated video

This is an animated video, for Mubu, a museum funding project. The Mubu design was created by the very talented bunch over at Digital Welly, they provided me with an illustrator storyboard and the voice over for the piece, and I animated everything to the audio, added a few touches and pulled the whole piece together.

The video was a huge success, and did it’s job of ensuring that the Mubu project signed up it’s quota of funding projects in record time.

The Yas Hotel

The all new Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, which staged the final Grand Prix of the 2009 season had being branded by ripe ! The whole team have worked on everything from the initial logo, shown here, to restaurant menus, branded Porsche cars, and all the hotel marketing collateral. The initial pitch for the work was a significant challenge as some of the UK’s biggest branding agencies were pitching for the work, so it was quite an event when ripe heard the news that we’d beaten off some of the big boys.

The Yas Hotel 3d logo

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i-to-i camper van designs

This is a piece of freelance design & 3d visualisation work for i to i travel. Basically they have bought 2 camper vans and are using them for mobile marketing & promotions. The brief was to design the vans, both inside and out, and visualise how they would look for client approval. This was to include all graphic design elements, interior design and accessories / internal storage etc. This is one of the van styles I designed and is the ‘surf van’. The Camper van was modeled in 3D Studio max and all graphics were created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Find out more about i-to-i here

i-to-i volkswagen camper vans

itoi Volkswagen surf van

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3d You ads for the Halifax

A set of 3d ads for the Halifax Bank of Scotland.
These ads were a freelance 3d project created for work group plc., for the Halifax Bank of Scotland, created entirely in 3d, these are just a few from the set created for the latest recruitment ads. These are just a handful of the ads created from quite a large set.
Advertisment for the Halifax Bank of Scotland

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Harmon Kardon 3d exhibition stand

A recent job for the nice people over at Brandfuel These guys had a few ideas and the odd sketch of where they wanted to go with a design for Harmon Kardon and their Pro and Consumer ranges of products. They needed somone to run with the design and produce some scale drawings and renders of the work to show to the client, which is where I came into the picture. This was a great project to work on, but it required lots of research and understanding about the products and planning of how the stand would work.

Harmon Kardon 3d render of exhibition stand

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Location Leeds Logo Animation.

A little logo animation I produced for use on the stand I designed for Location Leeds at Mipim.
Rather than just show the sponsor logos one after another, I create this little 3d animation using the Location Leeds colours and branding to add a little interest.

Jimmy Connors World of Tennis.

This was a relatively quick video that I produced for ripe to help promote the forthcoming Jimmy Connors World of Tennis. I was responsible for story-boarding the piece, writing the voice over and creating all animated content, as well as actually putting the video together in Final Cut. All of this was done to tie in with the very minimal content we had to use. The general idea of the video was to aid in early promotions, this would then lead into a more involved and professional video with actual footage of Jimmy etc. I’m told Jimmy was very happy with this 1st draft video and it’s being used to help promote the scheme at various events.

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Garmin exhibition stand units.

This is some early idea generation work for Garmin, for a modular exhibition stand design solution, using interchangeable and interlocking display units that can easily be adapted for different product needs. The main units have a sliding display arm fixing that allows different fixings to be added to the display units for different products. The tops are also interchangeable so that the overall look of the units can change for say, a marine show, an outdoor show, or a motorbike show.

Garmin image 1

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Nokia Vault web animation

A small animation produced for Ashley Bolser Agency to be used on a Nokia website and competition they have produced.
I needed to break down the different elements of the actual animation as it needed to be delivered in flash and the different parts of the vault opening animation were to be activated at different points in the user entering their competition information.
This meant that something that on the face of it, looks quite simple ended up being quite a puzzle of png files with alpha transparency and 4 different flv files also encoded with alpha transparency. I supplied all the files, along with a flash file of the finished assembled animation to the client to give them maximum flexibility in how the animation could be used.
The piece was created in 3d Studio Max and After Effects.

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