My family

Here are a few pictures of the family. I live with my partner Jayne, who’s an art teacher in Bradford. We had our 1st child, Emilia in 2002, which was one hell of a change to our lives, as anyone with kids will understand.

In 2007, we made the decision to have another child, but as with all the best plans, things went a bit differently to how we intended, we were blessed with twins ! In August 2007 Charlie and Seth were born, they have just broken the 1 year milestone and are both full of fun. It’s being hard as hell I can assure you. They didn’t sleep through until just before their 1st birthday, which almost finished Jayne off !

Times now are a little easier, although finding time to do anything that’s not work, or children is nigh on impossible. Jayne is starting to get back into her artwork exhibiting, and i’m making time to learn some new stuff i’ve being itching to get into, Z-Brush and Mental Ray for 2. Before having children we both used to spend lots of our free time doing our own thing, Jayne doing her artwork and me spending time learning 3ds Max, Maya and such like, happy days !

This is Charlie, he likes chewing stuff at the moment….


This is Emilia, she likes animals….


This is Seth, he likes shoes….


This is all of us in the Lakes recently..


A couple of pictures taken June 09 of Seth at the seaside.



And one of Charlie too, with Emilia doing some digging in the background.

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