CSC 3D globe

This was a great project, created for Our Agency. One of their senior designer contacted me with a proposed project to create a populated 3D globe based on some initial design work they had created. The actual creation of the cut away globe proved to be quite a challenge, before even getting round to placing all the buildings on it. I produced some ‘proof of concept’ work to show Owen at Our Agency how the globe would look and then we began looking at the right kind of buildings to populate the globe. Each building represented an area of the client’s business.

This project arrived at a very busy time, right ahead of Christmas, thankfully my favourite 3D buddy Richard Hinchcliffe offered to jump in and help with the 3D building creation, so we worked on populating the globe together. The final 3D image was created super high res, so the client could use areas of it in different ways and crop into it.

BCSC globe logo

Here’s a closer view of an area of the globe. We created lots of new images of the globe, with different placement of buildings for use on the CSC website.

BCSC globe logo closeup

This was the original ‘proof of concept’ 3D work I produced for Our Agency.

proof of concept

Here’s the final sketch that the client created to show how the whole piece needed to look and feel.


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