First Street Manchester

This is a video piece created for a pitch to work with Ask and Manchester City Council to develop a large area in Manchester called 1st Street. The video was initially put together to showcase the work produced for the pitch and was one of the pieces the client really liked. Needless to say with the pitch won, the client wanted to re-use the video with a few changes to use as a tool to present the brand and the area.

The video was put together quickly so is a little rough around the edges, it works well though as a scene setter for the identity and tone of the scheme. The 3d buildings were quickly drawn up from a supplied siteplan and then animated using the audio track to drive the height of each building. This gave the 3d animation a nice feel as though the scheme was reacting to the beat of the music. A 3d camera was then set up and animated around the siteplan in 3D Studio Max. The whole animated sequence was rendered out for the duration of the audio track, so that the building track could be used as a base track in Final Cut, t overlay all other content. This way whenever I cut back to the building track, it would be in sync with the music.
All the other assets were created using After Effects and rendered out as separate pieces of DV video. All the clips were then assembled in Final Cut to create the final piece.

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