Garmin exhibition stand units.

This is some early idea generation work for Garmin, for a modular exhibition stand design solution, using interchangeable and interlocking display units that can easily be adapted for different product needs. The main units have a sliding display arm fixing that allows different fixings to be added to the display units for different products. The tops are also interchangeable so that the overall look of the units can change for say, a marine show, an outdoor show, or a motorbike show.

Garmin image 1

One of the larger units with a front graphic panel and a range of products on display.

Garmin image 2

A visual showing the different interchangeable tops.

Garmin image 3

A visual showing a selection of the units and an example of how they can interlock.

Garmin image 4

A 3d visual showing a breakdown of the modular elements that make up the units.

Garmin image 5

A 3d visual showing a bespoke unit design.

Garmin image 6

Finally a 3d render of a stand design showing the large lightbox based pyramid structure included on the stand which also doubles up as storage and a shop / customer service point.

Garmin image 7

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