Nokia Vault web animation

A small animation produced for Ashley Bolser Agency to be used on a Nokia website and competition they have produced.
I needed to break down the different elements of the actual animation as it needed to be delivered in flash and the different parts of the vault opening animation were to be activated at different points in the user entering their competition information.
This meant that something that on the face of it, looks quite simple ended up being quite a puzzle of png files with alpha transparency and 4 different flv files also encoded with alpha transparency. I supplied all the files, along with a flash file of the finished assembled animation to the client to give them maximum flexibility in how the animation could be used.
The piece was created in 3d Studio Max and After Effects.

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  1. Larner says:

    Small world mate – I worked on the DM for this job and came up with the concept with Richmond. ‘Ow queer! Nice animation.

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