Sanex Healthy Skin Spa website designs

These are a few images from the 3d spa work I designed and built for a flash website for Sanex for their recent Halthy Skin Workout Tour check out the site here.

Everything was designed and modeled in 3d Studio Max, I then animated a series of camera paths through the scene to create a set of animations we could export as flv files for use in flash. My old friend, the trusty Vray rendering engine was used inside Max to render out the scenes, this involved pre rendering and calculation of the lighting solution, so that the global illumination in the scene did not flicker as the lighting is calculated on a per frame basis. If you are in any way interested in Vray, then head over to Vray’s web site.

This is one of the many animations I created for the site navigation. Click the image below to play the animation.

The spa was designed using paper and pen, then drawn up in Illustrator to ensure the space worked nicely and then the design was taken into 3ds Max to be drawn up as a 3d design. The people are ‘cheated’ into the scene as they are simply cut out flat shapes with the image of the person mapped on in 3d. I tried using a neat trick in Max where you can rotate a piece of 3d geometry to always face the camera, but it looked odd, so I went with leaving the people mannequins simply droped into the scene.

The 3d visualisation and lighting set up for a scene like this is quite tricky. This whole model used the Vray physical camera to allow real world camera setup in order to help with the overall exposure of the 3d models and 3d scene. Another great tip for anyone doing 3d design work, is ambient occlusion in Mental Ray , it’s basically a quick global illumination method through the use of a shader. I used this technique to create an ambient occlusion render pass and then used this to add detail to the RGB (color) render in After Effects.

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