Trivial Pursuit 3d characters

This is a piece of work for leeds design agency ‘the spirit of’. The client is Hasbro games and the brief was to create / model and animate characters for use in a DVD version of the Trivial Pursuit game. Hence the characters are based on the cheese shaped wedges. The work covered a number of avenues of design for the characters, some with faces, some without, as the work was conceptual to see if Hasbro wanted to persue the ideas. The feedback from this initial set of work was very positive and the work is now going to be carried on by Hasbro’s in house animation
trivial pursuit music character

The image above shows the music man character and some of the morph targets created to allow the character to smile and blink. He does have arms, they are just invisible, it was easier to animate his hands and fingers when they were on the end of real arms !

Trivial pursuit 3d character

A few renders from the animation showing the characters polygon wire frame as well as a full render.

Initial ‘Music-Man’ character animation loop test. The model was created as a poly object in Max and then animated and deformed using Max’s built in deformation tools. The hands / invisible arms were rigged using a custom Rig developed by Brad

The animated characters needed to ‘pop-out’ of an animated Trivial Pursuit board. The board was modeled spearatley in Max and then the 2 elements were comped together in after effects. The objects behind the characters were animated in after effects, although some were created using the Max particle systems and then comped in.
Click the image to play the animation.

Trivial pursuit 3d character

Sequence of stills from the animation showing the ‘Movie-Man’ character. Each character ‘Pops-Out’ of the board with their appropriate props and jump / spin into the corner of the screen to reveal their question. You’ll notice this character has no face, this is because as the work developed, the client wanted to see hoe the characters would work without one, to be more simple and ‘wedge’ like.

Here’s a demo animation of how the movie character would jump out of his wedge on the board.
Click the image to play the video.

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