XS Marine Presentation

Animation and 3d design work for a website for XS marine, a company who produce high performance speedboats. I was sent a few photos of their new boat and had to create a quick 3d model from the limited reference to show how animation and 3d could enhance their web presence. Additionally a 3d version of the boat could accurately show how sponsors graphics would look as well as showing how much room a given sponsor would get on the boat for a certain level of sponsorship.

XS Marine

The boats were modeled in 3D Studio max and rendered as ever using Vray. All the textures were created in illustrator and then taken into photoshop to create all the appropriate maps for max. The 3D model was built up quickly so it’s not very detailed as time was very tight to get a few animations designed to present to the client. Click the images for either a bigger version, or to play the animation.

XS Marine

This animation shows how the 3d model of the boat could be used online to easily show people where their company logos can appear on the boat and indicate appropriate costs.

This is an animation to communicate some of the key performance facts of the consumer boat.

Animation showing the consumer and sponsored boats.

This was a quick and challenging 3d animation project as time was incredibly tight, but I was very happy with the work produced given the lack of reference material and the time restraints.

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